Thursday, February 2, 2012

some things are a-changin'

I am currently getting a NEW WEBSITE ready for Better Life Bags.  No more ETSY, but you all are going to love the new website.  It's clean, simple, and easier to order than ever! 

Here's a sneak peek:

designed by

I'm also making some changes to the bags I'm offering.  We will be slowly transitioning to Better Life Bag designs only!  While most of the bags are designed by me, I definitely use some patterns {with permission, of course} from others.  Not any more. 

I will be hiring some designers to design just for Better Life Bags!  Do you love to design bags?  Have tons of ideas floating around but no where to sell them?  If you are interested in testing out YOUR  design ideas to be turned into a BLB, email me with your sketches or for more information {}.  I'd love to help you get your products from your head to a bag!  I will pay a one time fee for the rights to the pattern and THEN a commission on each bag of your design that sells!

Also, some bag styles are going to be retiring.  Like any of these? 

 Changing pads, The Elizabeth, The Beverly, The Rachel, burp cloths, and The Carla

Grab them now as they will not be there in a few weeks.  I'm also running low on some fabrics {#1, #2, #3, #15, #16, #20}  - so if those are some of your favorites, act now.  I can't guarantee I'll get them back in stock.

There are lots more changes coming with the new website {new bag styles, new fabrics, some ready to ship bags, and well as some bags made from re-purposed materials}.  It's going to be exciting.

Hang tight (unless your favorite bag or fabric is retiring, of course).  Only a few more weeks.


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