Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 things i'm loving right now {about my kids}

Yes, it's that time again.  You saw it in January.  And now that it's officially February, it's time for me to brag about how wonderful my children are and expose everything I love about them right now!  So, here we go:

1. Jonah is potty trained!  
That's right!  We traded the diapers for Thomas the Train unders and it was all his idea.  Couldn't have been simpler.

2. She turned 1.

 My Little Love is no longer a baby.  She is understanding so much... giving open mouthed kisses on command and finding her blankie when asked.  She is finally sleeping through the night - thank goodness... although we had to lower her crib after she jumped ship.

And her birthday party was sure fun to get to prepare for.

As well as watching her smash her cake in the most delicate way possible.

3. No more nursing.  
This was a bitter sweet moment for me.  I shed some tears thinking about how she no longer would snuggle up to me morning, noon, and night.  Thankfully, she has become even more of a snuggle bug since quitting.  I think she misses it, too.

finally enjoying a glass of wine without worry.

4. Brother/sister games.  
Not only do they enjoy laughing at each other while buckled into their car seats, they love playing together at home, too {most of the time}.  Lately, their favorite game has been "Fetch" - where we pretend they are dogs and ask them to fetch toys.   

5. Jonah's comments.  
Here is a rundown of my favorite this month {via my Facebook Status updates}.

Jonah while cleaning up his mess: "it's hard to obey"

Me: "Jonah, tell Mr. Toby welcome to Hamtramck!"
Jonah: "Welcome to Hamchicken!" ;)

Jonah looks at his poops floating in the water as he sits on the toilet and says,
"Hey! I got fish poopies! I got dolphin poopies!"
Daddy: "oh! Do you have any whale or shark poopies?!"
Jonah: {grunting} "... no, I don't have no whale poopies."

Jonah looking at a horse:
"oh! Forsey is having naked time!"

Clara bumps into Jonah's "booty".
Jonah: "hey! That' my booty. I have a NIIIICE booty. I LOOVE my booty."

Jonah hiding:
Daddy: "oh no! Where is Jonah?"
Jonah: "in my pants!"

Jonah: {pulling a book off the shelf} It's a book! Wanna read it, Daddy?
Daddy: sure! What does it say?
Jonah: Jesus loves you!

Scene: Jonah's foot is stuck in a jar (don't ask how).
Jonah: "Help Mommy! My foot is stuck!"
Me: {pulls foot out}
Jonah: "Thank you, Fire Mommy!"

Everything we lay Jonah down for his nap he says (between yawns)... "but I woke up this morning!"

Whenever Jonah passes gas, he says, "I popped poopies!"

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  1. All of those things are precious, but the potty training is downright awesome! And kids say the darndest things. ;)

  2. What a monumental list!! Those are some aweseome changes in your house:)

  3. Looks like I have to ask YOU for potty training advice now!!! We're still working on it!!! :) Love these posts!!!!

  4. Thank you for rekindling memories of my own. These are times I never want to forget!
    Enjoy those babies!!

  5. Oh man, the potty training thing. Brayden is interested one day and could care less the next. Sheesh! It's exhausting! Glad it was so easy for you- that has to be wonderful!


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