Friday, August 12, 2011

Ditty's 1st foods and a little Pinterest Inspiration

Little Ditty had quite the day yesterday.

She had her first taste of food!

Here we are starting out...
Not doing too bad!
I think she likes it!
Oh this little one likes to do everything herself!
Good thing for that bib!
It was such a blast, she propped that little leg up and relaxed for the rest of the meal.
Did you know that bib used to be a child's t-shirt?

Did you know I have a tutorial on how to make them?

Did you know it was PINNED ON PINTEREST!
{talk about SHOCK to be browsing through and see my own project!}

Did you know that you can send me your old t-shirts and I'll make them into these bibs for $12/piece?

That's what one recent customer did.

What a fun way to keep those old t-shirts with sentimental value around longer.

Hope you like your bibs, Sara!

And here is a review from a previous happy customer of custom bibs.

"I have two of these bibs, and they are great! The back side is such a soft material. The bibs are a good size to catch all the mess a toddler makes feeding themselves. The velcro closure is easy and secure. Easy to throw in the wash. Love them. :)"
~ D. Ringenberg


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