Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pinterest Challenge Sponsor Spotlights!

It's time for a few more Pinterest Challenge Sponsor Highlights!

First up...
Have you heard of The Trendy Butterfly?!

They are an amazing party resource.
You can find digital downloads for everything you'd need to throw your next shindig.

5x7 Invitations

Cupcake Toppers

T-shirts/onesies with adorable images printed on them.

Water bottle covers, and more!

Head over to her shop and her Facebook page to get acquainted!


Then, how about a fabric store that everyone has heard of!
{and if you haven't... where have you been hiding?!}

Skye Reve Fabrics

I just took a few minutes and fell in love with her website.
It's so easy to navigate!

You can find fabric sorted by color, themes, designers, and even see bundles to know which fabrics will look good together!

And I had no idea she also sold patterns.
The shop is named after her two daughter's middle names.  Skye and Reve.
Love a workin' mama!

One more?
Let's do another big namer...

I came across her blog a few weeks ago and it immediately went into my "Favorites" tab to read everyday.

Her name is Bev and her blog's tag line is:
"Loving God, Enjoying Life, Making Stuff"
Fun, right?

Check out all her tutorials.
They are amazing.

And she has an ETSY shop.

Where she sells cute things like this.

Go check her out!


Have you voted for your favorite Pinterest Challenge projects, yet?


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