Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stylish Gym Bag

Those of you who follow me on Facebook already know this:

We joined the local YMCA.
Amazingly new facilities right in the heart of downtown Detroit.
Couldn't love the atmosphere more.

Want to know which Better Life Bag I chose as my new gym bag?

I mostly chose it because of how large it is.

The inside was roomy enough for my change of clothes, extra shoes, water bottle, shampoo/conditioner, makeup, iPod, and keys!

 Plus, no one else had as cute of gym bag as I did :)
Extra plus.

Today I dropped my two loving children off to a loving Child Watch worker.
{note: I have let other people watch my children a total for probably 5 hours... so this is a BIG step for me}
It was SO worth it.

I hopped on a treadmill that overlooked a downtown street.
Detroit's architecture is beautiful.
Regis and Kelly were also beautiful on my private TV screen attached to my treadmill.

Clicking through the stations I found the Child Watch room!

It gave me such a peace to know I could check in on Ditty and JoJo whenever I wanted!
I wish I could say they didn't cry, but they both did.
When will this attachment stage be over for them?

{ps... can anyone spot my BLB Emily diaper bag in the screen above?}
It goes everywhere with my kids.

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  1. Taking a little time to keep yourself healthy in all areas makes you a better mommy, and gives your kids the opportunity to mature as well. Way to go!


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