Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Publisher - Another FREE photo book!

Every month I take a picture of Little Ditty.
I use the same onesie.
And the same quilt.

I did the same thing with JoJo.
But what am I planning on doing with the pictures at the end of her first precious year?

Put them in a photo book, of course!

I'm planning on using MyPublisher because it is my absolute FAVORITE company to use.
You can see a review I did here.

But in a nutshell, the software is easy to use.
Books can hold up to 100 pages.
They have a NEW lay-flat page option that I can't wait to try!
AND they give amazing coupons and discounts FREQUENTLY to their customers.

In fact, today I have an offer for anyone wanting to try MyPublisher out.

I've bought the 5x7 pocketbook photobook before for $19.99.
It's a great size and the quality is amazing.
With this Gift Card, that book is FREE!

Can't beat that, right?

{Grandparent's Day is coming up on September 11th, and I don't know a Grandma or Grandpa who wouldn't LOVE a photo book FILLED with pictures of their munchkins!}

Try it.
You won't be sad.


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