Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pinterest Inspired Project {Painting Furniture White!)

We recently put bead board up in our kitchen.
{I will reveal that later once the final touches are done}.

But now that our kitchen is gloriously white, white, white...
there became a small problem.

This brown, brown, brown
microwave cart.

My parents had this microwave cart when they were first married.
Some may call that vintage.
I call it old and free.

Problem was - it was made of particle board.
So I was nervous to paint it.

Turns out, it's just as easy as ever!

I this before and after on Pinterest.

And it gave me the courage to


So I did.

And I LOVE it.

Now I want to paint the cabinets white, too!
{and my table, and my hutch... nothing is safe!!}

I just love a crisp white kitchen, don't you?

Found these on Pinterest, too.
A little kitchen eye candy for you.

Love EVERYTHING about this kitchen.
Especially how bold it is.

Definitely want to paint my dining room chairs different colors after seeing this!

Then I thought about painting the bottom cabinets one color and the top white.

And then when I saw this kitchen... I started to think about repainting to this beautiful green.

And finally, I just L.O.V.E.

"Lord, help me to be content with what you've given me in this old, worn home.
Help me to see it as a blessing.
Help me to see fixing it up as fun and as making it more of a home that welcomes people into it."


  1. I am going through the "white" phase too. I got white dinnerware for my birthday and my husband was so surprised since I love bold colors. It is amazing how crisp and beautiful white looks!

  2. I enjoyed all the interior design on the photos. I love white with some color spots. I furnished my apartment white 20 years ago and always loved it. What I see on the photos on the site is so charming. Thank you for sharing.


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