Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sugar and Spice... {thoughts on having a tomboy}

My little love has such a range of emotions.  And they all are expressed so perfectly on her sweet, soft face.

One moment she is all sugar... and the next moment - SPICE!

And while I have yet to capture it on camera, she is often caught giving an evil glare to someone she's not sure about.  Her eyes squint - one slightly more than the other - and she tilts her chin down and stares up at the perpetrator.  And everyone cracks up laughing.  Guess her look needs some fine tuning if she expects it to scare people away.  I'll help her perfect it before she starts dating - that's for sure.

But something in me craves to have a girly-girl.  To paint our nails together.  Go shopping.  Do all things GIRL.  And this in-between, not knowing if she is or not, is killing me.  I've turned into a motherly Sherlock Holmes - trying to decipher every move of hers for clues on her personality.

There are times that she shows her feminine, motherly, nurturing side.  And then she gets bored and hops on a four-wheeler.

Perhaps it is because she is surrounded by her brother's toys.  And there is nothing more appealing to her than Thomas the Train.  Or a good 'ol Superhero.

Or climbing up on the tallest rock.

Despite my "training", she is refusing the wear any headband or clip-on bow. {And she finally has enough hair to clip!}  Is this her trying to tell me that she wants nothing to do with dresses and all things frilly?

What about the time that she twirled and hopped in her tutu as my heart leaped with joy?  This girl is sending mixed messages.

Why is having a tomboy so scary to me?  Would it really be that bad?

I decide it won't.  Because she will still be my sweet little girl.  The one that I will embrace and love no matter what her preferences in extra-curricular activities are.

Because it doesn't matter if it's ballet class or soccer games.  I care more about what her heart loves.  And I want it to love Jesus.  I want that to define her. 



  1. Love this post! I don't have a girl, but if I did, I'm sure she'd be a tomboy.

    She's a true beauty! And you gotta love a girl that can climb a rock with hat perfectly placed! ;)

  2. So cute! I must say, I'm partial to the girly girl, cause I don't get a tomboy at all. With four girls in the house, two teenagers (one a tomboy) and two little ones, it is quite an interesting mix. My little ones definitely both like girly things like nail polish and makeup and love watching me put mine on, but I think my 3 year old could go either way sometimes :) The 4 year old, definitely girly girl like her big sister. :) The other teenager.....we always have to force into a dress for special occasions or events where it is just appropriate for a dress. She will put up with us, but I know she'll never wear one on her own ever :) Wonder what she will do for her wedding day?! eep...

  3. I was a tomboy and my husband's aunt was a girly girl. We both had daughters at about the same time and while my daughter has her tomboy moments, she's a girly girl at heart. And my poor aunt got a more tomboyish girl. I think maybe it's just the way God makes us stretch.

    I do have a little bit of something that might encourage you. My daughter was absolutely militant about clips and headbands when she was young and barely not-bald. But now she's four, with hair to her butt and she loves to get not just one ponytail, but five. Or seven. Or a bunch of braids. Or a messy side-bun thing that my sister-in-law likes to give her. The point is, a dislike of clips while young doesn't always mean a forever dislike of those things. Just like a bald little baby girl doesn't mean you won't have a Rapunzel later.


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