Saturday, February 20, 2010

Special Saturday

Welcome to the weekend!  Today is beautiful outside!  Mr. Bug, Little Bug, and I went to the mall to get a free Auntie Ann's Cinnamon Sugar or Orginal Pretzel.  NO STRINGS ATTACHED!
Go get yours from 10 - 3.

Now, for some updates!

Update #1:
The bag winner was #27...

treverswife said... 27
I follow your blog and am a fan on fb. I work on making 8 little lives better every day. :)

Email me, Amy, and let me know what color bag you want (yellow/gray, blue/brown)!!  Congrats!  You definitely deserve it with 8 little ones running around your house :)
I was blown away by all the nice things you guys do to make lives better!  I'm definitely stealing a lot of those ideas.  How neat that you try to look for people around you in your daily lives to bless.  It's good to be a blessing!

Update #2:
Finished a bag order this week... Check it out!

Hope you like it Nikki!

Update #3:
Finished a custom order for my sister-in-law who gives hypno-birthing classes.  She ordered 12 of these homemade baby legs with her logo on a tag.  Super cute idea!

Have a great weekend everyone!  See you on Monday!

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