Friday, January 1, 2010

Finished Emily Diaper Bags!

The Emily Diaper Bags are so chic, exciting, and original!  
Choose two of your favorite fabrics here.
Order your very own here.

This was ordered for a friend from Yemen.  She ordered a matching changing pad.

This was the most custom one I have made, yet!  She opted for fabric flowers instead of ribbons or buttons, a trim around the flap, and two additional pockets inside for cell phone and chapstick!  LOVE this one!  She asked me to special order this fabric from an etsy seller.

This was ordered from someone who already owns an Emily.  She loves it so much, she wanted her sister-in-law to be able to have one and design it!  Here's what she came up with.  I love that she picked a solid print for the main part and the pattern for the flap.  Never been done before!

Here is an order from an old college friend.  She ordered the whole package.  Diaper Bag, Changing Pad, and 2 Burp Cloths for her baby girl!

An Emily for a military spouse friend of mine.  LOVE the big cream bow she chose!
 This was the first order I got for an Emily!
 This was the second bag I made - a gift for a friend due 5 weeks after me.

Here is the original Better Life Bag!  
This is the one I learned how to sew on and the one that started it all!


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