Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cute and Easy Homemade Card

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I just love when my friends get crafty and then share such craftiness with me!  It brightens my day so much!  I thought I'd share the latest bit of craftiness (from a male nonetheless)!

Neil's Grandpa died a few days ago and tonight, our good friends the Brown's invited us over to dinner and gave us this sweet card.

My first thought was how cute and thoughtful of them to give us a sympathy card.  But then my thoughts got faster and my heart started beating louder as I realized that THEY MADE IT!  Oh, how I love homemade!  Upon a closer look (and taking it apart), I discovered how they created it and thought I'd share it here with you.  It really is genious!

1. Take a piece of scrapbook paper and fold it into fourths (see the creases?) and cut a square from the top right corner that is smaller than the folded area (leaving a border anywhere from .5" - 1", you choose).

2. Fold your paper in half hamburger style (glue closed if you'd like). This reveals the scrapbook paper through the peek-a-boo window!

3. Fold it in half again to achieve your oh-so-cute card with classy window.  You can write something around the border of the window if you so desire OR just leave it blank.

... how do I know that it was MR. Brown who put this together?  First of all, his wife told me that he loves to scrapbook, so only he could have access to this adorable paper.  And secondly, the writing on the outside of the card matches that of his note on the inside.  I know, I should have become a detective.

Thanks Josh, we LOVE it!  (and really felt loved by it)  Thanks for making our lives better!


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