Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help for Haiti

Keeping in theme with Better Life Bags, we have a new cause to donate to and help make lives better.  Lives have pretty much been destroyed in Haiti and I can't turn a blind eye anymore.  Better Life Bags exists to make lives better and what better way to do it than to donate all Better Life Bag proceeds to helping those in Haiti.  From now until March 1st, all monies will be given to the Red Cross for the work they are doing in Haiti.  After March 1st, the proceeds will go back to helping low income entrepreneurs like usual.  Visit my etsy shop to pick out what you would like and know that you are also helping a very needed cause.  Let's have a goal to reach toward... how about helping BLB donate $200 to the Haiti relief effort!  If you've been waiting to purchase something NOW is the time :)


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