Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh SOOOO lonely.

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Look at that sad EMPTY table.  (I know another TV tray... I definitely have the TV tray syndrome of using them all over my house as cheap tables.  Want to see what I did with the one by my bed?)

Know what used to sit there?

My ever so faithful sewing machine.

Where is it?

At the sewing machine spa resort getting a back massage (or presser foot massage).  I figure I use it for hours every day that it deserves a small break and retreat - a chance to hang out with other sewing machines for a little R&R.

Seriously, though, I was afraid it was going to break or go on strike if I didn't take it to get cleaned and serviced.  It works so hard for me!  But, it was SO HARD to drop off!  I felt like a mother leaving her child at daycare.  And when I got home and saw the empty spot where my sewing machine sits, my heart got a little sad.

This is pathetic.  I'm becoming too attached.

By the way, I think it's time I name my sewing machine.  Any ideas?


  1. The name "Alexis" is Greek and means "helper." Allie for short? :) Just a thought... Were you searching for a name that was masculine, feminine or unisex? :)

  2. OHHH I like it! I wasn't looking for anything in particular. But I love the meaning for that - this machine really IS my helper! Good idea!

  3. Hey! I found your cute craft blog through Because I Can and thought I'd check out your blog! It's so fun, and holy cow, I use TV trays religiously. It used to be where my sewing machine lived too, until recently when I needed the tray for something else, haha. I would love if you would check out my blog, I also think your bag business is amazing, what a great cause!


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