Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hotel Stays...

Hotel stays are not what they used to be, that's for sure.  Instead of the romantic dinner out on the town, we ate Taco Bell in our hotel room.  Instead of staying up late watching late night TV, we sit motionless in the pitch black so as not to wake our sleeping child.  Instead of listening to soft music while we slow dance in our pajamas, we are listening to screams coming from our overly tired baby as we bounce him incessantly to get him to at least taste sleep a little.  Jonah did finally fall asleep (and so did Daddy) in our large king size bed.  Neil and I have a full size bed at home, so any time I get the privilege of sleeping like royalty in a King, I'm excited.  Tonight, however, both my boys have spread themselves out across the entire bed, leaving me less space than I normally receive.  :)  I love it though.  Right before he fell asleep, Neil reached over and allowed his toes to touch mine.  I smiled in the dark because I was sure the placement of our three bodies resembled a heart.  Mommy and Daddy's feet angled in to make the bottom of the heart, our heads making the two humps at the top, and little Jonah making the dip between us.  I didn't care how much space I wasn't getting - this was my new family, and I was going to cherish every second.

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