Friday, January 1, 2010

Finished Nicole Large Totes!

The Nicole Large Tote is our best seller for sure!  Join in on the fun and create your own!
Choose 2-5 different fabrics here
Order your very own Nicole here

This customer opted for no loops and no tie.  She added a large fabric flower and a small fabric flower to bring in some detail.

This customer is using the Nicole as a diaper bag!  Great idea!

A fun, bright collection of prints for a teacher!  She is thinking about getting it monogrammed on the front.

A soldier in Iraq ordered this for her sister.

Another bag ordered for a teacher!

These were a Mother/Daughter pair.  Can you guess which was for the mother and which was for the daughter?

Ordered as a gift for a friend in Germany!

LOVE this print!  It has been a popular one!

For a Minnie Mouse enthusiast! :)

Ordered as a gift for a relative.  I believe she uses this as her teaching bag!

This was the first Nicole ordered by a customer.  She got it named after her!

Here's the tote bag I made for myself... the one that started all this madness! :)


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