Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Practical Ways to Pray for the World

In our home, Superheroes may be pretty popular.  The handsome looks of Spiderman and Wonderpets are hard to ignore.  This is all fine and dandy to me - the fact that my kids idolize superheroes.  {I even bought them both capes to fuel their fire.}

But the REAL superheroes in my mind are the missionaries of this world.  The people who leave everything behind to show others in far away places that Jesus can be everything to them.

These are the real life superheroes that I want my kids to idolize.  The ones I want my children to be inspired by and hope to be like when they grow up.

The best way that I know how to do this is to start surrounding them with ideas and life from outside our little city. 

So, I bring you: 5 Practical Ways to Pray for the World.

1. A few years ago, I bought this book: Portraits by Steve McCurry.  It's an amazing book filled with striking images of people around the world.  I often let my kids look through it and marvel at the creativity our God had in creating people.

Prayer idea:  Pray for the people in each photo as a representation of the people in their native country.

This picture is from awhile ago when Jonah had to wear his helmet.

2. Use your natural home decor style to remind you of God's heart for people and the world.  You saw the interchangeable wreath I made last week.  Well, I found a permanent home for her.  In between a J and a Y - found at Joann Fabrics.  {I simply added a doily to each letter by spraying it with adhesive spray and pressing the doily firmly down.  Then trimmed around the edges.}

It {obviously} spells JOY.  And I purposely put it next to my map wall art because I want to be reminded that God wants "JOY to the World" all year round - not just at Christmas!

Prayer Idea:  Pick a different country on the map each day to pray that God's peace and JOY would rule over the hearts of the people.

Tutorial on how I made the map wall art here.

3. Today, I noticed the words "made in Madagascar" written on the tag of my little one's shirt.  She was snuggling me after her nap {such a sweet time} when I noticed it.  Many thoughts ran through my head.  I wondered what the conditions of the factory were.  I hoped the workers were getting a fair wage.  I almost became irate at the thought of me supporting something that might not be treating others with respect.

Then God spoke to my heart:  Pray for the countries where your clothes are made.  Check out your labels - I think you'll be surprised how many different countries are represented. 

Prayer Idea:  Look at the label of your clothing before putting it on each morning and pray for the country where you item was made throughout the day.

4.  Use the book Operation World to open your eyes to the specific needs of each country.  Their website highlights a different country and their specific prayer needs every day.  And an entire list of free prayer resources to help guide you.

Prayer Idea:  Sign up to receive their daily email that highlights a prayer point for a specific country and pray for that country over breakfast.  If you have kids, show them where the country is on the map as you pray for them.

5.  Use globes in your home decor.  The more the merrier.  Vintage, big, small, broken, dirty, new - they all are such masterpieces and reminders of how small we really are.

Prayer Idea:  Spin the globe and pray for wherever your finger lands!  You might find some "new" countries by doing this!  {Use the Operation World book to look up specific prayer needs of the country you land on!}

I'd love to hear any more ideas/resources you use to pray for God's people of the world, too!  What an honor we have to pray for those halfway across the world.  It's powerful.


  1. Rebecca. Wow. This is a fabulous post! Such practical advice - thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I cannot overstate how much I love this! The globes and the clothes are my favorites!

    1. Thanks Kate - the clothing one has really challenged me.

  3. What a moving post!
    P.S. Love the "JOY" letters!


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