Friday, April 13, 2012

Just You and Me

He takes the kids to the park and I'm left alone.  The house is quiet, but the dishes need done, so I turn it on.  And it plays.  And my heart screams with joy.

"Take my heart, I lay it down at the feet of you who's crowned"

My eyes close and I uncontrollably sing.  Hands wet with soapy water from the endless pit of dishes, my mind goes empty.  Empty with everything except Him.

"Take my life, I'm letting go.  I lift it up to You who's throned "

I almost didn't turn the music on.  I almost just sat at the computer and looked at the endless amounts of inspiration that overflows the Internet.  I almost didn't listen to that small voice that whispered, "meet with ME."

"Meet with Me over a sink full of dishes - I don't care."  And I have never felt more connected.  Because whenever my heart is connected, it's just me and Him.

The dishes are suddenly done, I realize that my heart is FULL.  Why don't I do all my mundane tasks in the presence of Him?

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  1. Rebecca,
    you are a source of fresh spring water! I just love the way that you write!
    You are so right. I have been trying to live more "intentionally" and notice God in every day!
    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. This post was beautiful when I read it! Thank you for this. Too often, in those still times, I run to the ME ME ME time on the computer.

    I should share this with Him.


    1. Thanks Samantha. I know - isn't the computer a huge distraction at times? A necessary evil, I'm afraid.

  3. So encouraging! Those are my absolute FAVORITE times. I'm so thankful you shared, I think I'll go do some dishes. :)

    1. Thanks Kate... just turn that music up while you do them! ;)


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