Monday, April 16, 2012

What I Want my Kids to Remember {perseverance}

Sometimes the tasks you choose to attempt seem impossible to me.  Sometimes the task doesn't make much sense.

But this is what you want.  And you are determined to finish it.

But I love that you ask for help.  Always know that it's ok.  We are all made to need each other.  Needing each other is not a sign of weakness.

Because one way or another, you always seem to finish what you set out to do.

This image has been entered into the 12 Days of Mommy Moments {Day/Prompt #10}

And your sense of pride and accomplishment are pure joy to witness. 

Keep on keeping on Little Love.  You want to put that hanger in your shirt while you're still in it?  I'm behind you all the way.  No telling you that's silly.  I want to help you embrace your feats.  To climb to the tops of the mountains {or the dining room chair}.  To swim across oceans {or get your hair wet in the bathtub}. 

This momma is here to help you become and do what you were created to do.  Let's roll!  {or hang?}

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  1. Love your pictures!
    I am doing a Photo A Day Challenge coming up in May! I hope you join in on the fun!!!

  2. Rebecca,
    Yes, definitely a great virtue to possess. Love the photos! So glad you joined in our Mommy Moments Photo challenge! Good Luck!
    A couple of reminders:
    -Remember the image that is on the linky is the one were judging for the challenge.
    - Write the Day on the linky.
    - Make sure you have followed both host: &
    - Still have 17 days to get your 12 days of photos!!!


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