Friday, April 6, 2012

This is Going to be EPIC! {on taking a teenager to the movies}

It's exactly 6:30pm and the knock on the door comes.  I told her to come at 6:30 and I knew she wouldn't be a second late.  I open it to a beautiful teenage girl who is my date for the evening.  We say goodbye to my husband and kids sitting around the table eating pizza - with icecream short to follow.

As we walk down the front steps she says, I've been counting down the minutes until 6:30 all day.  My heart swells.  It's just a movie.  I've been to a million.  She's been to two.  In her entire 15 years - two movies.

I decide to take her out of Detroit and into the suburbs.  We pull into the movie theatre, and as I explain what "Valet" is, we find a spot up front to park.

Let's bounce.  She opens the door to my CRV and steps out.

I chuckle to myself.  I'm so old.  "Bounce" has it's own definition in my 29 year old body, now.  The desire for more "bounce" in my hair - less "bounce" in my body.  I definitely don't want to bounce.  But bounce we do.

If anyone asks, you're my mom.  Your mom?  Why do I have to be the old one?  How about your sister?

Suddenly every flaw in my adult self has exposed itself.  The banana smear on my sweatshirt.  The possible snot-slime line around my collar.  Oh. why didn't I change before I left?!  My scarlet letter is blinking red: "MOM".

Our smuggled in Arizona Green Tea cans make too much noise as we open them, but I sure wasn't going to fork out $4 for a soda.  The movie starts. I hear a whisper... This is going to be epic.  It won't be the last time I hear the words "epic" that night.

Her mom calls three times during the night to make sure she isn't getting raped.  Mom has obviously never been to the suburbs.

The movie is over and we drive home.  She raves about the plot, the bathroom sinks, and the garbage cans.  Did you see the garbage cans?  Even they were beautiful!

I drop her off and she begs to do it again.  I'd say it was an EPIC G.N.O.  {translation:  it was an awesome girl's night out!}


  1. I used to a be a youth leader and felt young and vibrant. Now I'm that 29 year old mom also...thankfully, we have those young ones to remind us what it was like to have an "epic" youth...



    1. I know :) It's amazing how "cool" I felt when she wanted to do it again!

  2. That is an epic post;) I feel the same way about "bouncing"

  3. This just gives me warm fuzzies.

  4. Replies
    1. The HUNGER GAMES!!!! We both read the books together, so it seemed fitting to go see the movie together, too :)

  5. I love this. I'm 60+++years old and I STILL remember when a neighbor lady took me to see a movie as a young teen. I also grew up in Detroit.

    I just came upon your blog and your web site. You go girl. You are a life changer (one life at a time) - I want to read more just to catch up on your life. I love what you're doing and as a Christ-follower I will be praying for you and your family....just so you know. :-)


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