Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Monthly Recap {March 2012}

March is already OVER!  And on Monday, we launched Redeeming Creations simultaneously with the month of April.  April is sure to bring lots of changes that I can't wait to share with you.  New fabrics... new opportunities... new directions. 

Thanks for being here.  Really.

To recap the month of March:

  • ~ Bags, Bags, and more Bags.  This month was the best for Better Life Bags EVER!  Thanks for your business, your reviews, and coming back again for more.
  • ~ The Pinterest Challenge Round #6 came and went.  I'm taking this month off of hosting the challenge, but did you know that Round #7 is currently going on?  Go enter some pins that you actually completed and be entered to win an awesome prize package.

  • ~ Using my favorite glitter ribbon, I made a headband holder {as part of the Pinterest Challenge} for my daughter who has yet to get any hair.  It's more of an investment for the future.
  • ~ And we wished you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day with colored shaving cream and swimsuits!  {Also, my 29th birthday...} 

Here's to April!  Can't wait to enjoy the moments with you...


  1. I am saving up a few months worth of birchboxes and them spraying them like you did so I have pretty boxes in my crafting area!


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