Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday BayBay!

It's our BayBay's birthday today!
{BayBay = Grandma}

We usually send her a special handmade gift.
This year, I got the idea off of Pinterest.
{I mean, where else does great inspiration come from?!}

We made her a card and stamped a rose out of the end of a celery bunch.
Super easy and super cute!

Speaking of Pinterest...
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(bag add-ons and shipping not included)

And of course, we videoed the creative process for her enjoyment.
Love you, BayBay!

{note to self... do not use your iPhone to take video that you hope to view in full screen.  yikes.}

Last year's birthday project was homemade finger paint.
{which I now realize I never posted about}
I used the tutorial linked above and stored our finger paint in old baby food jars.

Here's THAT video for those who love to see my kid's in action!

Oh man that kid has grown so much in one year!!
{I'm sure Ditty will join in on next year's project, but we took advantage of her nap time to get this one done!}


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