Friday, July 8, 2011

Basket Design {Painted Baskets with Kryon Dual Spray Paint}

I have a massive white wall in our living room/play room that desperately needed some art.
But, who has tons of money to spend on something large and extravagant?
Not me!
{nor do I really want to commit to something large, expensive, and extravagant}

You've seen me do it before {at a different house},
so I decided to bring it back in a whole new way.

I'm a little addicted to baskets.
I use them to organize EVERYTHING
and now I use them to decorate.

I got these baskets at the thrift store for about $1 each or less.
I was looking for ones of different sizes and different shapes that would make a nice mural on the wall.

Before I started spraying painting them with the NEW Krylon Dual Paint and Primer in ONE, I decided to try a lay out on the wall using wrapping paper.

I like doing this because I can easily see what the baskets will look like arranged up there without having to nail and re-nail as I rearrange!
This can be done for pictures frames as well!
1. Find some wrapping paper or butcher paper.
2. Place the baskets upside down and trace around them.
3. Cut them out and use tack or tape to arrange them in a pattern you like.
4. THEN once you like your pattern, nail a little nail into each wallpaper piece.
Tear the wallpaper pieces away and hang your baskets!

Easy and fool-proof.

Now it was time to spray paint with these new cans I was sent to try out.

5. I laid the baskets out smallest to largest upside down.
6. Painted the backs of the baskets in alternating spray paint colors.
7. When they were dry, I flipped them over and painted the front.

The Krylon Dual Spray Paint was really easy to use and gave great coverage.
And who doesn't love a 2-in-1 product {primer AND paint}?!
Can't go wrong there.

Even if you're not SURE you need primer... this can will take all the guess work out.
I've heard you can get it a Walmart now... and for about the same price as a regular can of Krylon.

Look at how much CUTER those plain, brown, boring baskets are!

Now, here comes the fun part.
{well, I suppose spray painting them was fun, but this is the truly rewarding part... and less sweaty.}
Putting them up!
Since I already had my nails in the wall {thanks to my pre-planning}, I just hung them up!

They took up a great amount of "white wall" like I was hoping.

A little addition of a wooden "S" makes it even cuter {stands for "Smith", of course}!

You're grabbing your keys to run out to the thrift store now, aren't you?

Just so you're prepared, here's a supply list:
Wrapping paper
Krylon Dual Spray Paint


Krylon sent me the new Dual Paint to try out. Check out their latest promotion, The Dual Duel, where Krylon is looking to find The Ultimate Restorer. To win this title, enter your spray paint restoration project and encourage friends and family to vote for your project as their favorite for their chance to win too.

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  1. Hello! I found your project via Pinterest via Made By Bird blog. I am going to be sharing your project today on my blog series Spray Painters Anonymous. This is a perfect low cost wall display! Love it! Stop by and check it out!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  2. Wow, these baskets look great and all it took was a little color! I will definitely have to try this!

  3. I loved the baskets stacked!!!! I love your polka dot paper as well. I'm thinking I will be able to save money by using the roll of Christmas paper that I got tired of seeing after 3 or 4 gifts were wrapped in it. Or the roll that looked great in the store...but now...not so much. And I really, really like your color choices!!

  4. I love this idea Rebecca - and it turned out great! (The color combo you chose is very nice!) Definitely saving this for a future "need" for our bare walls.


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