Wednesday, July 20, 2011

under pressure...

Water pressure, that is :)

 We've lived in our glorious house in Hamtramck for a little over one year.
Our water pressure the entire time has been HORRIBLE.
I feel like I'm taking a shower at camp each time I turn on the water.
Literally, I wait five minutes for it to warm up.
Then, when I turn the shower head on, there's a 5 second delay until a TINY stream of water comes trickling out.
Not. Any. More!

Our house has looked like this for the past day and a half.

And I don't care ONE bit.

Because not only is the water pressure being fixed,
but we have a short term mission team here putting up BEAD BOARD in my kitchen.
It's tough living in Detroit. :)

Now, despite the amazing water pressure,
I'm not so amazed at the gaping hole in my bedroom left by the plumbers.

They promise to be back tomorrow to fix it.
How do you even fix a hole like that?!
Should probably pay attention tomorrow.
I hear MANY stories of little boys punching holes in the walls.
Might come in handy someday.

My BLOG is also under a little renovation.
Click over now and again to see the changes.
I'll do a big reveal when everything's done.

Just took my first shower under said Water Pressure.
And they must have done something to boost the hot water, too because I've NEVER steamed up the bathroom like I did tonight!
Plumbers - tomorrow I shall make you cookies.


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