Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Map Wall Art

I have had a project like this "pinned" on Pinterest for awhile now.
Yesterday, I finally knocked it off the "to do" list.

Yes, I have yellow walls in my kitchen.
Yes, I know it's daring.
Yes, I've had two people in the last week ask if I plan on keeping it that color.
I do.
For now.
In fact, here's the color pallete for the kitchen.
Found on Pinterest, of course.

{change out that plum color for navy blue and the top color for white}

There are so many great ways to use maps to decorate.
I chose this pin to recreate.

I found 8 11x14 canvases at Michael's.
Found the map at Office Depot.
Then simply traced around the canvases and cut them out.
Hot glued them to the canvas.
(yes, I said hot glue)
And hung them up on the wall!

If I wasn't hosting the next Pinterest Challenge, I'd enter it.

Speaking of...
it starts on August 5th.
More details to come later - but it's BIGGER and BETTER this time!


  1. That's the one I thought it was! Love it! I like your yellow walls :).

  2. I love this! I could turn this into something fum for little W's room.


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