Monday, September 26, 2011

Bags Shipping Today! (and a new improvement on the Emily)

I love today.
I get to send off some amazing bags to some amazing customers.
AND I get to show off YOUR designs!

Enjoy looking at the results your creative BLB readers!
Excellent designing this week.

I know I showed this Emily last week, but I never showed the improvement I made to the convertible Emily.
(These are the ones that can either be a messenger bag OR a backpack)

When used as a backpack, it can put a lot of stress on the snaps.
Especially if you all are like me and stuff your diaper bags FULL.

And, I was always worried that when the bag was on my back, everything would be falling out without me knowing it.
Not any more!

 Just tie up these two inside ties into knots or bows,
flip over the flap to close with a magnetic snap,
and go!

Design Your Own Emily Convertible Diaper Bag

Now you can be confident of two things:
1. That magnetic snap is not busting at the seams.
2. Your stuff is tucked safely inside.

Also - I've improved the clasps on these bags.
They are super high quality metal - also much sturdier than ones before.
It just keeps getting better!

Made these fun wet bags this week, too.

Design Your Own Wetbags

A cute checkbook cover that make paying bills so much more fun.
Design Your Own Checkbook Cover

And finally, an adorable Cyndi bag.

Design your own Cyndi

Which is your favorite?

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  1. Those are beautiful! My favorite is the Emily convertible diaper bag!


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