Thursday, September 15, 2011

Craft Hope: Christmas Stocking Tutorials!

Craft Hope's new project has been out for awhile.

Have you seen it?

We're making Christmas stockings to send to tornado victims!

Here's some info taken straight from the Craft Hope site:

"For Project 14 :: Christmas in Dixie we have partnered with Christmas in Dixie for Tornado Survivors to provide handmade stockings for the 12,000 families that lost everything to the tornadoes. Yes, 12,000 families that will not be pulling the Christmas ornaments and decorations out of their attic. 12,000 families that have to build their lives again. We know we cannot do everything, but we can do little things. And these little things make a BIG difference."


I LOVE Craft Hope.
They embody my heart.

If only I had thought of the concept first.

BUT, I LOVE that they invite us to join with them in their ventures.
Remember when we all made bracelets for orphans last time?

Here is a picture of a BLB reader who got some girls together to make bracelets!
They made 74 that night!

Stocking deadline for this project is September 23rd.
So get sewing!
And send me pictures of what you make!

And just so you can find lots of free stocking tutorials in one place,
I've done the hard work for you.
You're welcome.


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