Wednesday, September 28, 2011

blogcation here we come!

The kids and I left today for a week vacation at my parent's house.  Yes, I'm flying alone with both kids.  Think of me today!  I'm stocked up on bubbles, coloring books, iPhone apps, and "treats".  

But I did NOT bring stickers this time around.  Do you know how long I scrubbed to get these off the back of the last airplane we were on?  Consider yourself warned.

Isn't going home to the Grandparent's so fun?  I literally squeal with excitement about going home.  The memories my kids are making are so precious.  There will be lots of kissing.  Lots of hugging.  Lots of spoiling.  And hopefully a little relaxing for this momma. 

BayBay will be throwing JoJo a 2nd Birthday party.  We will be attending a University of Illinois game on Saturday where Ditty will be wearing the tiniest 
U of I cheer-leading outfit I've ever seen!  Will I see anyone else there?

It's going to be fun.

Blogging may be sporadic over the next week - I'm going to be taking a little blogcation.  I think it will be healthy for me.  I'm already cringing inside thinking about taking a break from these posts.  I LOVE writing.  I LOVE sharing.  And I'll miss doing it.  I have so many great posts lined up in my head that I want to get out, but they will have to wait until next week.

Until then, you can follow me on Facebook.  See you over there!


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