Tuesday, September 13, 2011

YOUR Better Life Bags

Today is the day I feature your orders that are shipping today.
You all sure did love you some environment last week!
Which sure makes me happy because "better life" stands for more than just our hearts!
Here they are:
First up... my NEW addition to the shop!

These babies are not only great for soiled cloth diapers, but for wet swimsuits, pants that have been peed in, etc..!
Every mom needs one.

And I added an additional pleated outside pocket to the ones I sell at BLB - just because I know how much you all LOVE organization and your pockets.

They are BIG, too - fits FOUR double stuffed cloth diapers!
(but you can order them in an size)

Then - everyone waiting to order reusable snack bags suddenly appeared out of the woodwork last week!
Where have you all been hiding?!
This one reminds me of my little family:

And to top it all off...
a reusable market bag - the Clara Lynn!

Thanks for supporting Better Life Bags - and helping me make lives better!


  1. I had an idea for your wet bag. If you put elastic on the inside wall of the bag to hold bottles and sippy cups. Those darn things are always leaking and containing those drips would be awesome. As well as, using it for other items like wet clothes, etc :)

  2. Rebecca,
    I got my wetbag in the mail yesterday. It's great! Bigger than the one I have. I like the pleated detailing you did on the outside. Can't wait to give it to my friend!


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