Friday, January 15, 2010

The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant

Just finished this book today on my Kindle!  I think I'm reading more now that I have a Kindle (which if you remember, was also a resolution of mine).  This book was excellent.  I love writers who can describe scenes as if you are watching it unfold in front of you.  The twists and turns of this book kept me on edge the entire time - and I even missed the story and the characters on the days when I didn't get a chance to read.  The story was based around a Biblical character, Dinah (Leah's and Jacob's daughter).  It, of course, takes what is written in the Bible and embellishes it to form a pretty interesting novel.  I love reading Historical Biblical Fiction - it really brings the Bible tale to life for me (although, I admit, not always accurately - but how do we know what really went on in Dinah's life when her name is only mentioned 9 times in the Bible).  So, I love to read an author's take on the story behind the story.
The only thing I don't like is when my perception of a Bible character is changed.  I had always pictured Rebecca (Dinah's Grandmother) as a gentle and caring woman, or at least I liked to think of her that way since we share a name.  She did, after all, steal the birthright from her eldest son to give to her favorite son.  And I pictured Joseph as a humble boy who God placed in leadership roles that he accepted graciously.  The book portrays him more as a power hungry ruler.  Oh well, the story was excellent.  Definitely recommend!

I've picked up another book at the library (I refuse to buy books on my Kindle if I can get it at the library).  Same time of Historical Biblical Fiction and I'm LOVING it so far!


  1. Love the seasoning recipe, the baby legwarmers, the *rustic-chic* birthday gifts. Awesome.

    On a side note, I wasn't thrilled with Diamont's Red Tent. I have a hard time with biblical fiction that is, well, extrabiblical (which is, I guess, the dfinition of fiction, after all) I felt the book made the Patriarchs of old look like total buttheads and was *very* feministic- elevating the customs of women far above the principles of God. Specifically, it made Jacob look like a wimp. But that's just my two cents.

  2. I loved that book. It was my first experience reading biblical fiction and though yes, it wasn't accurate, I liked seeing the bible come to life in some form. My favorite part was the end where it explains life being like the lotus blossom, that long after the lotus is gone, it leaves a sweet perfume. I want to live my life like that.

  3. I read this book several years ago, and really liked the book. However, I have a hard time reading Bible Historical Fiction....because after time passes, am I remembering what the Bible says about the incident, or am I remembering what was written in the book?. God is not the author of confusion, and I am often confused after reading Bible Historical Fiction, because I can't remember what was actual truth or what was fiction. Just my two cents from an older brain with less brain cells.


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