Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ceiling Fan Update

Well, I'm slowly working on updating our bedroom.  I think it works to focus on one room at a time (as much as I can).  I already have the TV tray covered, so now it was on the next thing I "hated" about our room...

the ceiling fan.

Now, I have a love-hate relationship with the ceiling fan.  I love the subtle noise and cool air it produces at night.  But I hate the ugliness of that outdated globe.  So, I found some inspiration and went to town.

What do you think?

From this:


Here's how I did it...

Gathered my supplies:
- Drum lamp shade from Target
- Burlap
- Double sided tape
- Scissors
- Screwdriver

I stripped by existing ceiling fan of its blades and the glass dome.

I measured my fan blades and cut four rectangles out of the burlap that was a few inches wider and a few inches longer than my blade.  


With the fan blade turned upside down on top of a burlap rectangle, I started wrapping the burlap around the blade like a present and attaching it with double sided tape.

 Until you have all four blades covered!

Then simply screw the blades back on the fan, and put your lamp shade on!

Read a book under your new light - it will make you feel more relaxed I'm sure!


  1. Wow. I love it! I need to do something cool to our ceiling fan now!


  2. Thanks Jennifer! Let me know when you update your ceiling fan - I'd love to see what you come up with!!

  3. This is fantastic! I love idea. How well does the tape stick? I was considering using hot glue.

  4. @Daneisha
    Definitely go with the hot glue Daneisha! I had to redo the tape a few times, but since we were renting, it's all I could do!


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