Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Personalized Yahtzee Game

These are our friends


These are our friends on wooden cubes


What for?
Why, A Personalized Yahtzee Game, of course!

Some friends of ours are obsessed with the game Yahtzee.  And since Bug and I were getting together with two other couples to play a game (the Yahtzee freaks being one of them), I decided to make a personalized Yahtzee game for us to play and them to keep!

I got the idea from this gal. (A tutorial is on her site!)

It could easily be adapted for a family - all you need are six pictures, wooden cubes, a storage box, mod podge, and some scrapbooking paper.

It added a whole new element to Yahtzee when you hear someone say, "Well, I got two Josh's, a Mandy, and two Ashley's!"  We even made up new rules.  For example, if you roll a Yahtzee of your own picture, you get 100 points!  Or, if you roll a Full House of a married couple, you get 50 points!

SO easy, SO cute, and SO fun to play!


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