Monday, February 15, 2010

Nursery Decor


I thought I'd go ahead a post Little Bug's nursery here today - on Mommyhood Monday.  Thinking about a nursery ahead of time is stressful for a soon-to-be mom (at least it was for me).  I felt like the amount of effort I put into the nursery somehow would transfer to the quality of mom I would be.  Now I know that isn't true, but I sure had fun planning and creating his nursery!

I wanted to do something different than a typical mobile, so I decided to buy Chinese lanterns and hang them above his crib.  We just used sewing thread and thumbtacks... super easy!

Jonah's alphabet was a project my mom and I tackled one week.  
We basically went out and bought a few different coordinating fabrics and foam board. 
Cut the foam board to a 5x7 size.
Blew up the alphabet on a word processor and cut out each letter.
Traced the letter onto fabrics, cut them out, and fused them to the fabric and wrapped the fabric around the foam board.
My dad hung it on the wall using some sort of molding (I need to get more experience with wood working).

I also wanted a "We love Jonah" wall since we live so far away from all our relatives.  I basically laid out the pictures on the floor and then just took a chance that they would turn up the same way on the wall.  NOW, I would use this idea to hang picture collages.  How genius!  (don't worry, the frames are now filled with pictures of people we know...)

Of course, four months into being into the room, there is so much I want to do differently.  I'll just have to wait until he moves into a toddler room, I guess. 


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