Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gift for Hubby

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Mr. Bug LOVES Swedish Fish.  I do too, so this gift was especially hard because I found myself sneaking them before I had given it to him!  (confession... I even had to go back to the store to buy more since there was a noticeable "mouse" getting into them).

I made this for him for Valentine's Day, but it could be an easy/quick gift for any guy - any time!


I just got out a glass container we used at our wedding (for a candy bar) 

(see them in the right corner?)

but... you could easily just go buy a NEW fish bowl at the store!

I then dumped two movie size boxes of Nerds in the bottom (to resemble fish gravel) and a 3 pound bag of Swedish Fish (found at Target) on top.  After I poured them in, I thought they looked kind of like a pile of dead fish, but I tried to ignore that as much as I could!  

Using Photoshop, I printed off a tag that said "You're my Favorite Fish in the Sea!", tied it around using twine (my favorite crafting accessory of all time) and tied a few pieces of ribbon around the lid.  I also found a packet of fish stickers in the Target Scrapbooking Dollar Section (have you checked that out, yet?!?  awesome stuff) and put some of the outside and some on the back of the jar. Easy.

He loved it.  

Two days later, there are no more Swedish Fish.  Yes, we ate all 3 pounds.  ... yikes!


  1. This is so cute Rebecca! Nathan loves swedish fish too, so I am going to "steal" this very cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is AWESOME! My hubby loves Swedish fish too! I am DEFINITELY doing this for him for Valentine's - Thanks for the idea!


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