Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kitchen Towel Purse and Giveaway!

I was at Target the other day and found these:

I immediately envisioned a bag made from these dishtowels!  I couldn't wait to get started on it (plus it was a good excuse to try out a new bag closure I've been seeing in my head).

So, I headed home and 2 hours later emerged from my sewing fog with this:

What do you think?  Honestly, I couldn't believe how it turned out.  I love the two pockets on the outside... PERFECT for my cell phone in one and keys in the other (two things I'm always hunting for in my purse).  The inside fits everything I need (and when I say everything, I mean my calendar, a journal, a few diapers and wipes case, my sunglasses and case, a baby toy, plus more)!

I had to keep one for myself.  So, I went back to Target to get more dish towels and decided to sell them (in limited edition) on my etsy site for $35 plus $8 shipping.  Hurry, though - I've already sold one of the yellow/grey ones and once they're gone, they're gone!

(Remember, until March 1st all my proceeds are going toward the Haiti Relief Effort with Red Cross.  After that, I will resume giving the proceeds to low income entrepreneurs in developing countries.  "Better Life Bags... making lives better one purse at a time!")

Want one of these bags for FREE???

You guessed it... another GIVEAWAY!!!

Thanks to Kari from Ucreate - I'm featured on the side of her blog under her "Brand New Craft Blog" section!  So, to welcome all you visitors from Ucreate, I've decided to give away one of these kitchen towel bags (your choice of blue or yellow) to a lucky reader!

Here's how you enter: (leave all comments on this blog and make separate comments for each entry!)

1. Follow my blog (or tell me you already do) and leave a comment saying you do/did.

2. Increase your chances to win by joining our Facebook Fan Page, then come back here and leave a comment saying you did (or tell me you already are a fan)!

3. Want another chance to win? Go join our Better Life Bag Kiva team, then come back here and leave a comment saying you did (already have?  just leave a comment letting me know)!

4. For another entry, tell me how you've made someone's life better lately!  :)  Leave your story in a comment... and don't be shy!  We could all use some creative inspiration on how to make the lives of those around us better!!

Good luck!  Giveaway will end on February 20th at 10:00am!  
(only comments left on this blog in this post will be counted!)


  1. i just came over from ucreate. what cute bags!

    i am also a new follower of your blog.

  2. i am now a facebook fan too. :D

  3. hmm, making someone's life better? how about i changed my daughter's diaper today. :) that has got to make her life better.

    no, in all reality though, i just recently moved to a new town, and it's pretty hard not knowing anyone. today i got a phone call from a girl to let me know about book group tonight and inviting me and my daughter over to play tomorrow. i am so glad she is stepping out and reaching out to me to help me feel welcome and offering friendship. she is making MY life better. :)

  4. Hey!! I follow your blog, I'm a fan of BLB on Facebook, I am on your Kiva team...AND....

    A couple of weeks ago where I did something I've never done before. Made a very unfortunate family very happy.

    I took over for a maternity leave in November and I recently found out that one of my special needs students has a rough home life. Just him and mom, she works all the time and does what she can with her son to keep his skills up.

    I took one of our 2 computers, wiped it, rebooted it, asked for computer program donations from my teacher friends, and was able to give them their own computer at home.

    Now they don't have to go to the library, they have typing, math, reading, and skill builiding activities at their fingertips.

    It felt soooo good to see the smile on both of their faces. All mom could say was, "My baby has his own computer. God will answer my prayers. Thank you so much." I still have that warm feeling in my heart and it is so wonderful.

  5. Hey I am so impressed with how those bags turned out! You are so talented, especially in the purse/bag department. I already am a fan of yours on FB by the way! And you know I'm following you.

  6. I invited my neighbors over for dinner. Hurray for sharing with others!

  7. Ok so the numbers make totally sense after you messaged me...haha!

    Here is my post for being a fan on facebook!

  8. And here is my post for following your blog.... :)

  9. is my post for being a part of your team!!

  10. Hi!
    Just have to say I love your blog. Came over from U create. I am a follower, and a fan on FB.

    How I amde someone's life a little better...... A friend of mine recently lost someone VERY close to them and I did a scrapbook of the person they lost with some of their special memories that they can cherish.:)

  11. CUTE bags!! WOw!!! I'm now following!

  12. SO CUTE!! I hope I win!! You are SUPER create! I am a follower on facebook.

  13. I am a follower on your blog! LOVE the yellow bag!!

  14. i love your bags rebecca! you are so creative! i've also been going craft blog crazy and making tons of things here an there. one of these days i'll have to start a blog too. your baby is getting so big and is sooo handsome! by the way, this is yuni :)

  15. I'm a new follower. #30!! Great number and great blog! I will defiently be checking in on you regularly!

  16. I have a neighbor girl, who is 10-year-old. A single child with divorced parents who lives with her father. I've really taken her under my wing and she may as well be one of my own, but recently she came over and had me help her with her hair. She didn't have any bows or clips to put in her hair so I made her a bunch of flowers and hair bows and things. It's not much but it makes my day to see her wear those flowers in her hair and it makes her day too!

  17. I'm a new follower! You have such darling bags! I so wish I could sew like you!

  18. I joined your facebook fan page!

  19. Oh crud I realized I think I have to do 4 seperate posts so sorry I'm filling your comments section but here are my 4 seperate posts
    1) I am a facebook fan

  20. 4) Last night our youth group put on our 4th annual Valentine's day dinner. We served 18 couples a WONDERFUL 4 course meal and provided free babysitting. We pray that last night was a good night of rekindling of relationships and thus a better life maker :)

  21. Rebecca, I think these bags are so cute and I am so impressed that they came from towels and only took two hours to create! Awesome! I follow your blog!

  22. Some friends and I all go to eat after Bible study each week. I have a friend going through some difficult times and I was able to give her a gift card so that she wouldn't have to choose to give up her time with friends each week. (btw this is Rachel Clay! :)

  23. I follow your blog and am a fan on fb. I work on making 8 little lives better every day. :)


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