Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seventh Generation Diapers

 In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.
- The Great Law of the Iroquois

I'm trying something new.  So is Little Bug, my son, whether he wants to or not.  I'm giving Seventh Generation products a shot.  I like the fact that they are better for the environment.

Seventh Generation uses recycled and post-consumer materials in its packaging and chlorine free ingredients in its products.  I bought diapers, dish washing tablets, and dryer sheets.  We'll see if they diapers hold as much as Pampers has for me!  The diapers are light brown... totally surprised me when I opened the package.  And I like that there are no silly cartoon characters or designs on them.  Just plain light brown.  Very earthy! 

I really want to simplify my life as well as make a conscious effort to make lives better (including the Earth's).  I can't wait to buy the all purpose cleaner and get rid of everything in my cleaning tub!  No one should have to own all these cleaning products - not to mention all the chemicals I'm being exposed to when I clean 

Anyway, I think Bug looks pretty darn cute in them!

This has led me on an adventure of discovering how I can simplify, organize, and save the earth (S.O.S.)  in each room of my house.  I'm starting this month with my bathrooms.  I'll be posting the end result sometime soon... it's already in the transformation process and I'm loving it! 

ps... do you know what's in your tampons?! Click here to find out... I dare you!

and... check back later today to see a Better Life Bag I just finished!!!  It's BEAUUUUTIIIFUL!


  1. Hey Becky! I actually bought some Seventh Generation diapers one day because they were the cheapest option at the store and I was pretty impressed with them! Although, they did remind Joel and me of the SNL Edible Diapers skit. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out because it's pretty entertaining. And definitely get their all-purpose spray. You can hardly smell it and it gets the job done.

  2. Love to see that you are headed down this path. I can't wait to learn about your natural (simpler life) adventure. I'm making baby steps in this direction as well. It started out when I was working on "Go Green, Save Green" by Nancy Sleeth, just before I left Tyndale and became a mom. We're cloth diapering and it's been great. Of course, there are arguments on whether or not this is good because of water usage, but according to "Go Green, Save Green" statistics we pretty in favor of CDing. I'm not the crunchiest of the crunchies, as I have chosen to go with BumGenius One Size dipes (not made from organic materials). But, they are a good start and I love them. If you ever consider CDing, I recommend them since they are so similar to disposables in the way they "operate" that daddies and babysitters are not afraid of them.

    As for natural, green cleaning products, you can make your own! A cheaper option in general. Check out these sites:

    Again, I'm looking forward to following your journey on these Tree Hugging Tuesdays!


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