Friday, February 26, 2010

Paper Flowers

So, I've been waiting about 2 weeks to post this!  I'm so excited because this was SO easy and SO cute!  I can't wait to see the projects you complete with this tutorial from Inspiring Creations!

Here's what I did this week - continuing with sprucing up my bathroom.  (It's almost done.... I think!)

Aren't those paper flowers super cute?!  They were so easy and so quick.  I can imagine them on so many different things... lamp shades, more picture frames, etc...

{fyi} The tutorial calls for "distressing ink".  Didn't have that, so I just used black stamp ink with a paper towel.  Turned out just as cute I think!

Here's a picture of the entire frame that is adorning my bathroom wall...
(I think that's the spot every picture dreams of hanging, don't you think?!)...

That photograph was taken by my amazing friend and college roommate, Laura.  She takes the best pictures!  I'm currently asking her for more to decorate my entire house!

Have a great weekend (can't believe it's already Friday), and see you back here on Monday!

... it's in everyone's best interest to become a Facebook Fan this weekend... I have something super cute up my sleeve that will be revealed there first! ...

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  1. Beckaroo!!! Thanks for the sweet compliment! The photo looks fantastic. Thanks for doing that...and you are soooooooooooooooooo talented! :) Love you!


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