Monday, April 23, 2012

Healing Rain

I don't remember exactly what I had done to make me feel this way.  But something that night of my junior year in college made me feel ugly.  Gross.  Dirty.

All I remember is waking up the next morning, sitting by my living room window with my journal and begging God for some rain.  Some healing rain.  Some heavy rain.  Rain that would drop so hard on my face that after one minute of being in it, I would be thoroughly drenched.

I imagined myself out in the middle of it.  Head tipped back.  Arms stretched out.  Pound after pound of each raindrop hitting so fast that I have to close my eyes and instinctively open my mouth.  I can't hear anything except that rain.  And no one else is there.  But I feel clean.  I feel refreshed in a way that a shower can't accomplish.  Because this rain - this cleansing - comes from heaven.

One more glance out the window of my living room assures me that there is no rain.  Not even a sign of rain.  No chance.

Defeated, I pack up my bag and head out the door to another day of student teaching.

The radio is on and life stops as I realize the song is about rain.  Not just that song, but the next one, too!  Every song on the radio as I drove those 10 miles to my 6th grade classroom was about rain.

God HAD sent me rain - in the form of song.  To tell me that I was clean.  I was perfect.  I was His.

And He was listening.



  1. Beautiful post, Rebecca! So cool to read how God let you know He was listening and that he cared :)

    Have a great day :)


  2. Rebecca,
    Don't you just lobe the different ways that God speaks to us! What a great memory to share!
    Again, what a precious boy you have.

  3. Amen! Thanks for sharing!xoxoxo

  4. love this girl. healing rain for sure. some of the most amazing & memorable days in my life happened on rainy days. i never complain about the rain!!

  5. Reminds me of an 80s song (by some long forgotten rapper) called "Joy and Pain." The next line is "Sunshine and Rain." We often need a little rain to clear everything out, so we can really enjoy the sunshine for what it is. Thanks for this post! It was beautiful!


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