Monday, April 9, 2012

Movie Moments in Your Marriage

I came home from that night and crawled under the covers next to him.  He was barely awake.

Tell me what you thought the first moment you saw me.  Perhaps I was still floating around in movie-land... where couples stare longingly into one another's eyes and have perfect moments of euphoria.

mmmmmmm....  He rolls over and looks at me.  I think he realizes the deep desire for me to feel loved.

You were the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen.  He means it, I'm sure.  I decide not to question him on it.

What about now?  With my c-section tummy and banana smeared clothing?  Surely that isn't the most beautiful thing he's seen.

He knows I compare myself.  He knows I worry that we are losing our spark.  He knows.  And he cares.

He pulls me tighter.  Even with all your flaws.

Uh oh.  He said the word "flaws".  I thought a husband isn't supposed to see those.  But he does.  They are just as obvious to him as they are to me.  The difference is he LOVES me despite them.  I DESPISE them about me.

My flaws?  What are they?  I just put him in an uncomfortable situation, but he doesn't miss a beat.

You're too perfect.  You love the kids too much.  You sometimes are too busy to notice me.  {ouch... this one is true.}  But the biggest flaw?  

You don't realize how much I love you.

It was a movie moment.  It could have been taken right out of When Harry Meets Sally or The Notebook.  I'm sure of it.

I've always heard that you can't expect the movie-type relationship in your own marriage.  I think this is true, and I often avoid "chic flicks" so as not to put expectations on my husband to meet some magical Hollywood standard.

But, what is wrong with making movie moments in my marriage?  {how's that for alliteration?}

I'm committed to looking for and grasping the movie moments.  Because they are there.  And if they aren't there, then I will manufacture them.  For that spark.  Then probably write about them on here {you can gag now if you wish}.


  1. Eric and I have been talking a lot about that spark and how to keep it goin'. Maybe I'll have to write about it, too! Reflection in blogland always gives me something to look back on and be accountable to!

  2. Not gagging... Movie Moments are precious and it's a true blessing to notice them!


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