Monday, November 22, 2010

31 Bits

I'm so excited about this new mini-series on my blog...
Gifts that Give Back
... because if you're going to give a gift, you might as well give one that gives back!

This series will highlight stores/companies that, like Better Life Bags, are giving to those in need as a result of selling their products.
I hope you are inspired and find some fun Christmas gifts in the process!

The first store I'd like to highlight is 

Look at the incredible jewelry you can order from them.
Juniper $38

Ollie Twist $42
Daphne $10
Darby $14
 All of their jewelry is handmade from paper by women in Uganda.

Here is how they describe themselves:
31 Bits began in 2008 when five college students from Southern California traveled to Uganda and met six amazing women. The girls saw there was a need for change: the women needed shelter, food, medication, school fees for their children, and the list continued…. The women attempted to provide for their families by creating hand-made jewelry, but due to the lack of market, their income was hardly sustainable. 31 Bits was formed when the girls knew they could make a difference; they had to do something to partner with their new friends. 31 Bits now works directly with the women in Uganda, enabling them to make a better life for their families by providing a market for their jewelry.
31 Bits has grown for partnering with 6 women to 35. We are excited and ready to expand and continue to change more lives.

And you should see all the beautiful Ugandan women that design and make these pieces!

They are beautiful!

All 63 of them!

Be sure to head over here to read about each one of their stories.

Of course, 31 Bits also has an incredible blog where they update you on the ladies and introduce new pieces.
Their Winter Line just launched!

What makes 31 Bits even more special to me is that some of these young women who started this business actually live in Uganda with the 63 designers!
I think it's incredible when we can get our lives mixed in with those we are helping.

You can read more about the 31 Bits Team here.

I ordered 3 pieces of jewelry from 31 Bits as Christmas gifts and I hope you'll think about it, too!
The packaging was adorable and each piece came in a fabric bag with a picture of a Ugandan designer on it.
Sounds a lot like Better Life Bags, huh?!

Let me know if you end up ordering anything from them!

Oh, and if anyone is thinking of getting ME something from 31 Bits, I LOVE the Ollie Twist and Juniper necklaces.
Just sayin'


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