Friday, November 5, 2010

Old Window Wall Art

Only once in my life have I hit the jackpot at a garage sale.

And it just happened to be in my little 'ol neighborhood here in Hamtramck, MI a few months ago!

Driving by, I spotted the old window on the curb.

I quickly pulled over, got Little Bug out of the car and into the stroller, and mentally prepared myself NOT to buy it if it was over $15.

Inching closer, I saw it was only $5!!!

Looking a little more around, I spotted the old trunk for $35.


The truck has made it's home nicely as storage for extra bedding.

But this old window has been sitting behind my china cabinet... just waiting to be hung!

The wait is over, my dear old window.

Welcome to my room!
I didn't turn off the lamps all day because I LOVE how it looks!

In fact, if I turn my head to the right, I can see this...

... and it's beckoning me to come snuggle in and read a good book under it's light.

If you EVER find an old window at a garage sale... BUY IT!

It's the easiest way to add a vintage/rustic charm to your walls.


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