Wednesday, November 24, 2010

World Vision Gift Catalog

Every year I receive a catalog from World Vision around the holidays.

In it, you can purchase things like toys, dolls, Bibles, sewing machines, and bikes.
Sounds like a regular Christmas catalog, right?

as I flipped through the pages, I started seeing things like goats, chickens, clean water, ducks, and flocks of sheep for sale, too!

This blew my mind.

I could actually BUY 5 ducks and 2 chickens for a family in Bangladesh whose chicken farm was demolished from floods for only $55!

Or how about sending a girl to school for $35 since studies show that half of all girls in developing countries don't finish primary school.

My brothers would love to know that their Christmas gift was giving 2 soccer balls to children and schools in a developing country.

And something close to my heart...
Buy a sewing machine for $275 or a share of a sewing machine for $25 that allows a woman in a poverty-stricken area the chance to make a living as a seamstress!

Or, for my many pregnant friends, I could purchase a sweet new mother and baby kit to provide the necessities to a brand new mommy going through the first critical weeks of raising a newborn.

Your purchase of a bicycle for $85 would provide safe, speedy transportation, enabling a young woman to get an education and be safe from assaults or kidnapping on the long walk.

Brand new clothes and shoes will help protect needy children from freezing temperatures - or the hot sun.
You gift of $35 will multiply 11 times to $385 worth of new clothing!

Of course, all of the above items do not give YOU anything to give to someone else.
You could be creative and give a picture of a goat or a stuffed chicken with a creative tag explaining that their REAL gift is on its way to Haiti to a needy family.
Which could be cool.

However, World Vision also allows you to make a donation to the "Maximum Impact Fund" and get a free gift to give to someone you love in return.

Something like this Handmade Thai bag for $125

Or this beautiful handcrafted Thai jewelry for $100.

(necklace and bracelet are also sold seperately)

Go online and check out all the cool gifts you could give this Christmas!

When my kiddos get older, I'm planning on having one of their Christmas presents be something from this catalog.
I think it will be neat to have them tell their friends that they got a goat for Christmas and then gave it to a hungry family who could use the milk and income.


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  2. We love the Gospel For Asia catalog too!


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