Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Custom Car Seat Cover

It has been really cool to see how God has provided for us since making this leap to Detroit.
In fact, my brother's girlfriend's dad works for Graco and sent us a new toddler seat for Little Bug.
This came at the perfect time... Little Bug is too tall and too heavy for his other seat,
and Lady Bug (Little Bug's little SISTER) is coming soon and will need his old seat!

Here is what we received this week:
I was SO happy to receive this, but I just HAD to give it my own touch.
So, I covered the middle part in a fabric I loved.

It was much easier than I thought it would be and only took me an hour or so.
I didn't take pictures through the process and just decided to go for it.

I ended up taking the cover off the seat to see how it was put together.
A little seam ripping later and I had the middle section completely separate from the rest of the cover.
Then I simply cut around it on my new fabric, sewed it over the top of the existing fabric and sewed it back onto the rest of the cover.
If you have basic sewing skills, I'm confident you could do the same!

I'm planning on recovering Little Bug's old car seat to get ready for Lady Bug.
I'll probably buy this PDF tutorial from this ETSY seller since it will be a little more involved than this one.
And might use the same fabric as above for her seat, too.
As I was cutting it out, I noticed the name of the print was "Brother, Sister".
So how could I not?!

When I put Little Bug in it to tighten the straps, I noticed how much the straps cut into his little neck.
I couldn't have that, so I followed Ashley's tutorial here and made strap covers that don't interfere with the chest clip.

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