Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Painted Wardrobe

I have been WAITING to post this because I'm SO EXCITED to have finally completed my FIRST furniture revamp.

Our house does not have closets, so when I found this old beat up wardrobe at a friend's house, I knew I had to have it for Lady Bug's room.
They graciously gave it to me looking like this:
(We have no idea what KOB stands for, and I'm a little afraid to find out.  This wardrobe was left by previous owners.)

And a few days later, here is what it turned into:

How about a side by side picture?

I decided against putting the mirror back up.  
It was scratched and funny looking.
But I still feel like that door needs something (besides a door knob, of course).
Any ideas?

I'm pretty much in love with the details.
It makes me smile every time I walk by her room!

Little Bug can get away with just a chest of drawers, but I have a feeling Lady Bug is going to have LOTS of dresses to hang up!

I'm so excited about this yellow and the room is already taking on a rustic chic look!


  1. That is absolutely gorgeous ... nice job!

  2. That looks great!
    What about some stenciling on that door maybe? Or maybe a padded fabric panel for hairbow/clips storage and display?

  3. It looks amazing! I was also going to suggest some kind of hanging hair clip holder.

  4. Wow! You did such an amazing job! I love how it turned out.
    I also think it would be really cute to do a panel where you can hang up hair bows and clips. Or do some cute stencils? I'm sure whatever you do will turn out fabulous.


  5. Beautiful! If you want some ideas, you should check out my friend, Michelle's, blog. She does amazing things with old furniture. :o)

  6. So cute! Love the yellow. How about covering the door with fabric or stenciling a quattrofoil pattern?

  7. Love the idea of covering the door with a fabric padded panel for hairbow, pictures, etc... thanks everyone!

  8. I can relate... we have a historical home with very tiny closets. I would love to find a wardrobe like this. Aren't you lucky! You did a great job! Love the shade of yellow!


  9. this is really cool! love love it!! :)


    Got my clutch in the mail today!!!! LOVE IT!!!! your work is beautiful!!! thanks!

  10. I recommend either chalkboard paint for your darling Lady Bug, or you could paint a scene of the inside of the closet with beautiful dresses hanging... that way, the inside could be a MESS, but from the outside, a charming and organized.

  11. Aww...just perfect. I love the buttery color. The best part about old pieces is the deep drawers. I became a follower because I can tell I'm gonna love this blog!

  12. Thanks Pamela! Glad to have you here :)

    And yes, those deep drawers are AMAZING!


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