Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Earn Discounts on Better Life Bags

Are you taking advantage of the 25% off sale going on right now in the ETSY shop?
I sure hope so!
The 25% discount won't come along very often... so get designing!

 25% off is good, but...
Would any of you like 50% off a Better Life Bag?

I want to have ways to offer my bags at discounted prices besides regular sales.
Creative ways.
Ways that make lives better.

 Here's a creative way you can earn up to 50% off a bag:
Remember this post by Radical Crafts?

Well, if any of you have a crafty bone in your body, make some items for her to sell in her shop.
{All profits go toward different charities that change every 3 months - so by donating your creations to be sold, you are making lives better!}

Right now profits are going to profits will go to E3 Kids - a US-based
ministry that raises money to support a Christian school in Mombasa, Kenya.
 For every item you donate to Radical Crafts, I will give you 10% off an item in my shop.
Donate 2 items = 20% off a BLB.
3 items = 30% off.
up to 50% off. 
{guidelines for donating here}

Not crafty at all?
Buy something from her shop and the same rules apply.
Buy one listing = 10% off a BLB.
Buy 2 listings = 20% off.
up to 50% off.
{shop her items here}

When you donate (or buy something from her shop) and are ready to buy a Better Life Bag with your discount, email me first so I can verify your donation and/or purchase.
So, keep clicking on the "Discounts" tab at the top of my blog.
{if you are hanging out with me in Google Reader or email, click on over to see}
I'll probably find lots more creative ways that you can make lives of those around you better AND receive a Better Life Bag discount at the same time!

Did I mention that there are some Better Life Bags for sale in the Radical Crafts ETSY shop?
Did I mention some of them are at discounted prices?

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  1. Rebecca, thanks once again for what you're doing to help others! And thanks for joining w/ me in my little efforts :)


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