Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ooh So Chic Boutique

I've been WAITING to introduce you to my new favorite ETSY shop:

I discovered her crocheted baby hats as I was searching for the perfect one for Lady Bug.
On ETSY, of course.

And I found it.
Her interchangeable Garden Party hat collection!

This hat is incredible.
Not only is it well made, but the flowers are interchangeable!
Each flower pops off the button and you can replace it with one to coordinate your little girl's outfit.
So, you basically get 5 different hats for only $25!

You can order extra flowers,
headbands instead of hats,
and different color hats/headbands.

It's like designing your own Garden Party.
And we all know how much I LOVE to offer customized items!

I've purchased twice from her and each time have been given an extra gift.

Lady Bug basically wears hers every single day.
 A girl needs her accessories, right?

{Current Better Life Bag sale... 25% off custom bags using select fabrics.  Details found here.}


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