Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Market AND Library Tote

It was beautiful yesterday, so we took a walk to the local library.

Turns out The Clara Market Tote is PERFECT for carrying library books
and fashionably!

It must have some ergonomic features that I wasn't aware.
I carried all the library books on my shoulder my entire walk home and could hardly feel it!

Little Bug loves having a special place to keep all his "new" books

And I love that our library books won't get lost or mixed in with the rest of our book collection.

1 comment:

  1. Smart of you to keep them in the "library tote" and out of your personal collection.

    And I say that after having just reimbursed our local library for 8 books that have Gone Missing and are Nowhere To Be Found. DH swears he put the plastic grocery bag that held the books into the book drop. DD (who worked at the library in earlier days) says that the book drop is too close to the litter bin to be certain that he didn't mistake one for the other...and that the library Page responsible for retrieving books that had been dropped accidentally into the wrong bin would NOT have looked into a plastic bag.

    We need one of these totes! That is, if the librarian ever lets us check out books again.


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