Friday, March 4, 2011

Small Fabric Flower Add On

You guys are doing an awesome job coming up with fun designs from the SALE fabric.

I'm in love with this Tracey Mini Clutch and the Add-On Fabric Flower!
So cute and Springy :)

And I've NEVER had a customer add a fabric flower to a checkbook cover,
it's my new favorite suggestion!

Have you noticed the "Bag Add Ons" section in my ETSY shop?

Go there to customize your Better Life Bags

So far I have two sizes of fabric flowers with a fabric covered button center.

And fabric covered buttons.

They just add that extra special touch to your Better Life Bag.


  1. I sure hope that adorable green polka dotted checkbook cover is MINE! ;-) It is so cute I will want to write checks...scratch that...It is so cute I will want to...use it for something besides a checkbook... ;-)

    I just love your blog and your products. Can't wait to buy more (some sweet day...)

  2. Joslyn, it is!!! Hope it helps you to LOVE paying bills :)

  3. Well, sadly, I doubt that I will EVER love paying bills, but at least it will be cute while we're at it. ;-) Can't wait to get it! :-)


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