Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Party Tip Tuesday with A Darling Day! {Decorating Your Party Space}

Hello again, new friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

It is Tuesday again and time for another party tip.
Actually, today it should be party TIPS, because there are two easy things you can do to elevate your party decorations and make your party fun and chic. If you have been following along, it is now time to decorate your ‘party space’.

Tip #1: Whoever said, “less is more” wasn’t talking about a great party. 
When decorating, remember that bigger IS better. Go BIG.  Don’t put one cluster of balloons at the corner of the food table. Instead, fill the entire room with balloons.  Take an inexpensive decoration (like balloons) and go crazy with it! This will help fill the space, create an element of surprise and keep the party cohesive (hey, balloons can even be your theme).

You might think inexpensive decorations are cheesy (I usually do), but when you use them excessively, they can become stylish. 

~ Fill dozens of big glass vases with plastic Easter eggs (or plastic Easter grass) for a spring party. 
~ Fill those same vases up with hundreds of plastic gold coins for a vegas or pirate themed party. 
~ Use rolls of carnival tickets to create centerpieces at varying heights for a carnival party (those same rolls can also be used as bunting to string around the room). 

Do you have any other ideas?

Your food or beverage table can also follow this “more is more” rule. Instead of keeping drinks in a cooler and setting out one or two for guests to see, set out ALL of your drinks. Placing all your beverages in one space will create a cool focal point. You already have food and beverages for the party…  
Why not use them as decoration??

For an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ birthday party, we hung dozens of inexpensive paper lanterns. The cluster defined the space and made the area much more exciting than if we had just hung one.

Tip #2: When in doubt, keep it monochromatic. 
Let’s face it, some people are amazing at mixing colors and prints and textures… and others are not. An easy trick is to keep all of your party elements in one color. Now, monochromatic doesn’t mean every detail has to be in the same shade, just the same color. You could do all different shades of yellow or red. Picking a color and sticking with it will make the entire party smart and stylish. And, as a bonus, sticking to a color will make decisions about the party easy!

Join me back here next week for several easy tutorials on making your own inexpensive party decorations!

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