Monday, March 21, 2011

Get Great Lighting in your Photos!

In the midst of all this new fabric excitement,

I've also been trying to capture pictures of my little kiddos.

They just grow SO FAST!

I'm sure my husband thinks I'm crazy for always running to get the camera when they are doing something oh so precious.
I'm afraid that I'm missing moments while I rush around trying to find a camera to capture them.
Does that make any sense at all?

Regardless, I attempt to capture them anyway.

And the best tip I've learned about taking photos of my kids is to make sure that you are in good lighting.

I'm super lucky that my entire house has amazing lighting.
That's the first thing I noticed when we did our walk through.
Any house I have from this point on HAS to have amazing lighting.

A great tip is to try to have your subject facing the window.

Here I had Lady Bug's face turned away from the window at it gave it an awful shadow.

By simply moving her so she faced the other way, her face glowed and I had a much better shot.

If you have a room that lacks in great lighting
{especially if it happens to be the room you take most of your pictures in}
invest in some OTTlite lighting.
This is supposed to give you the most natural light in a bulb form.
I use them for some of my craft tutorials when I have to complete them at night.
Just something to look into.

Today, I was taking Lady Bug's 2 month picture and noticed HOW DIRTY my floors are!
I have hardwood and it just seems to attract so much dust and grime.
My little ones spend most ALL their time on this grimy floor.

See the window reflected in her eyes when I face her toward it?  It looks like a twinkle!

So, I have decided to do something about it.
The amazing folks at CSN offered to let me review a product for them.
So... guess what I chose?
The Euro Pro Shark - Electric Steam Mop

I can't wait to get my hands on this and see what it can pick up from my floors!
{yes, I'm a nerd that gets excited about cleaning up grime}

But the best part?
NO chemicals or cleaning supplies.
It just uses steam to clean!
And it comes with 2 MACHINE WASHABLE pads.

You want one, too - don't you?


  1. You will LOVE the Shark. I just used mine yesterday for about 2 solid hours! I have tons of tile and hardwood flooring and it was disgusting!!! Anyway - just a bit of advice - give it a few tries to really LOVE this product. You will have buildup of cleaning products on your flooring and the Shark will remove it, but in the meantime it won't push very smoothly until it comes off. BUT when it does come off you'll notice right away how your floor doesnt' have that buildup look to it. Good luck!!! It really is an awesome product!

  2. Your hardwood floors don't attract dirt - they simply don't SUCK ALL THE DIRT UP and let it fester there like carpets do. Carpets camouflage dirt - hardwoods let you see what you need to attack

  3. I just bought the Shark last week and LOVE it! My floors have never looked better! I agree with Erica. Give it a few times to remove all that disgusting built up residue. It really is an amazing product.

  4. YES! I want one. . . . so let me know what you think of it.


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