Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Party Tip Tuesday with A Darling Day! {Easy DIY Party Decor, Part 1}

Small scale pom poms are a great addition to any party (and so easy to make!). You can string the pom poms on fishing wire and hang them around the room as garland. You can wire individual poms around drinking glasses or silverware. You can even use them to dress up a wrapped package or party favor! Here are some simple instructions for making small party pom poms:

1. You will need: scissors, 8 pieces of tissue paper 5″ wide x 8″ long, a piece of wire about 2 ½” long
2./3. Stack pieces of paper on top of each other. Accordion fold the stack of paper along the length, each fold about ¾” wide
4. Twist the wire tightly around the middle of the folded paper
5. Trim the edges to desired shape. You can cut them to a point (as shown) or round the edges into a half circle.
6. Open the folds until the sides meet each other.
7. Slowly peel and separate each layer of paper towards the center sides. Fluff and manipulate the layers to create a full pom.

For a whimsical alternative, use tulle instead of tissue paper. You won’t believe how dreamy the result is! Follow the exact instructions above, only substituting tulle in place of tissue paper. You will love these fanciful decorations!

Be sure to check back next week for another DIY party decor tutorial! In the meantime, visit my blog andmy etsy shop for more Darling ideas


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